Welcome One and All

This is the post excerpt.


I think the best way to start a blog is to introduce myself. Hi everyone, I am a 20 something year old with my degree in Nutrition and a passion for food! All my life I have loved learning about foods and the affects on the body it has. I have also become passionate about natural health and healing. I believe that body is a powerful tool that can be healed with food and natural remedies (Not all people have this point of view which I respect their beliefs). With all this being said, I also LOVE homesteading. I came across homesteading information on the internet one day and fell in love. Being able to provide for your family off the land or just making better decisions for the environment is such an amazing thing! There is all types of homesteaders out there with so many backgrounds and different ways of living. We are in the category of Apartment Homesteaders. Unfortunately, we are not allowed a garden or animals, but we do have an herb garden and buy our produce and some meats from local farmers which we preserve for the winter months. We love the outdoors and enjoy hunting and fishing. In the near future we will have our perfect homestead, but for now we will deal with what God has handed us.


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